I have developed the following core services to cover most strategy planning needs for rapidly growing companies. As always, your experience will be customized to you specific requirements. If you need something you don’t see — just ask.

Quarterly Rapid Strategy™ Sessions
My core offering, includes workbook, one page plan, internal communication templates, and monthly checkup with leadership team. This is a one day, typically offsite, meeting with a limited amount of pre and post homework.

Weekend Rapid Strategy™ Workshop
Need to get focused on strategy quickly? This multi day offsite is designed for situations where a new strategic plan is critical and must be accomplished immediately. Typically available only to existing clients.

Annual Rapid Strategy™ Submit
This two day event brings together the CEO (only) of my key clients in a geographic region for a focus on peer learning, innovative resources and of course FUN.

Rapid Strategy™ Seminar
Would you like to infect a group of leaders with a vision of what solid strategy can do to propel them forward?  Bring this high energy seminar with real “take away value” to your organization.  In one fast paced session we capture and strategize business goals for each participant.

Obviously, costs vary based on the specifics on an engagement, which we will be happy to discuss with you.  My philosophy is keep the fee structure simple, always create value and never expect you to pay if you don’t see true value.  It would be nice if everything could be that way, it can’t, but we can.

A typical “full” engagement costs about $1000 a month.  If this is right for you, that amount will be minor compared to the value created.