My name is Eric Olinger.  I have spent many years building and growing companies. I now write and consult on the focused area of effective strategy planning for high growth companies.

My services are built around the core of the Rapid Strategy™ plan. These plans are incubated within the senior management team in one day per quarter sessions and then embedded within the very culture of a business through an effective communication program. The total process gives companies the unfair advantage they need to succeed.

Who is this for? Most of my clients will fit this profile:

  • Founding CEO still running company or CEO responsible for major restructuring
  • Company revenues of $2—$20 million, staff of under 100
  • Existing management team of 4 to 10 people
  • Growing, but not at the level desired

Knowing what makes growing companies tick, I have designed the sessions to be active, involving and respectful. We have fun but we don’t play games. We involve the senior management team directly in this one day session (generally your top 4—8 leaders). We embed the strategy in the culture of the organization through custom communication built around strategic metrics.

The main deliverable is a pervasive, unified force within the organization to bring about an easily communicated vision of success. Maybe this was what you had when you first started the business. However as a business grows and succeed — continuing that powerful vision becomes more difficult. Most of my work is with companies that have grown past a “Founding Vision” and need to collectively own a new vision. By pulling the management team into this process we are able to both re-create the vision and redefine the management team.

The process is something that must be experienced to be fully appreciated. Because of this I rely heavily on referrals, testimonials from my clients (see the side bars and my LinkedIn profile). If your organization has the opportunity to grow, but is struggling live out its story, I can help. Contact me today to get started.