“Strategy is the cure for the urgent”  – Eric Olinger

It is our mission is to enable leaders to craft, tell and act on the stories of their future.

Rapid Strategy – The Strategy You Do™

Is this you?  Is the success of your business creating so many distractions that you are operating without a solid, well communicated, long term plan?  As head of your organization you know the growth won’t continue forever but you can’t “stop the ride” just to focus on the longer term.

Maybe you know you “need to” but just keep putting off the longer term planning for your business.

or …

You have tried to “do” strategy but can’t keep the team focused on building or implementing it.

Introducing Rapid Strategy™. the planning process designed for you.

In our one day workshop your team will produce a single page Rapid Strategy plan which captures and communicates the strategic vision of the company. The format is simple and effective. The process is fun and easy to accomplish.

The powerful “one page” focus radically streamlines the outcome — it is effective, meaning your team can and will communicate and implement it. To insure success, we provide customized follow-up and coaching in communication, goal management and organization skills; where and when they are needed.  Growing organizations must grow and develop both their systems and their people to succeed.

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